Full tilt poker--stay away from cash games.

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Full tilt poker--stay away from cash games.

Postby tomass211 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:41 pm

I've played there 3 times now. I can say without a doubt that the RNG is rigged for maximum profit.
I think all online poker is juiced a bit, but Full tilt is freakin ridiculous. Call it what you will, action flops, cooler hands, etc.

Full tilt knows that poor players will call down with top pair and rag.
Full tilt knows that good players are going to get all in on their monsters when they have the nuts and allows bad players to suck out.
The reason..... If bad players keep losing, they will stop investing money at the site. If everything is equal, no one wins but the house.

Examples of what happens at full tilt poker:

#1. AA or KK vs. extremely dominated hands. AA vs. Ax or KK vs. Kx have a 6.5% chance of being sucked out on. Or a bit more then 1 in 20.
Except.. I see this happen fairly regularly. The dominated hand will win 4-5 times in 20. A full 4x the expected rate.

#2. Flopping straights or Flushes while the other player flops 2 pair, trips, or another straight.
This is an extremely rare occurance that I see often at FTP. Flopped straights are particularly bad at FTP.
If you end up going all in, it's likely that someone has 2 pair or trips and will suck out. The straight is supposed to win 82% of the time vs.
2 pair and about 2/3 of the time vs. trips. From what I see, the straight is the dog.

#3 Dominated hands postflop suckout often on all-ins. EX. AK vs. A9 or KQ vs. K6. Both players hit top pair. Bad player goes all in after raise
(because they have top pair), good player knows X player is a donk and calls only to get sucked out on often.
The dominated hand has 12% chance of winning. Yet wins at an amazing rate of 30-40%.

#4 Other dominating situations post flop. Such as AA vs. mid pair on the board suck out at crazy rates.

#5. Suspicious behavior in MTT's. I see people calling all in's with midrange cards and gutshots on the Turn. That in itself is not suspicious,
there are plenty of horrible players online. The suspicious part is that these players hit their 4 outer on the river the majority of the time.
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