Two Zebras Pondering

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Two Zebras Pondering

Postby NewGenGambling » Sat May 22, 2010 12:05 pm

Here's a joke that will help you get back your coolness. :D
Please read.

And it goes like this...

Two zebras are talking and one asks the other, "Am I black with white
stripes or white with black stripes?" The other replies, "Well I don't
know. You should pray to God about that and ask him." So that night he did
and God replied, "You are what you are." The next day he said to the other
zebra, "I still don't understand what I am because God just said, You are
what you are." The second zebra responds, "You must be white with black
stripes or else God would have said, Yo is what yo is."
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